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Is there someone you know;  family, friend or co-worker that seems to have suffered tremendous Dental Disease to a point that it effects everyday life? Maybe you noticed significant changes in social behavior and they may have even become withdrawn.  Our Dental Health (or lack thereof) has a tremendous effect on our emotional, social, and medical well being.

I have recently been inspired by a new TV show on LIFTIME called SMILE.  Each episode features two individuals whose lives have been significantly altered and have been held captive due to advanced Dental Disease.  They go through a Dental Transformation and at the end of the show they get to see their new smiles for the first time.

Not many needy people will receive such a gift and fly to New York City or California to appear on a TV show but here is how I need your help.  I want you to nominate someone you know either in a written essay or a video testimonial as to why you believe this person not only needs but deserves help with a Dental Makeover.  Dr Brian Rusak, a local Periodontist has agreed to work with me to help the chosen candidate.

There are some conditions:

  1. The person must want the help and agree to being interviewed to tell their story.
  2. Must be healthy, able to walk up stairs and given a Medical clearance to receive Dental care.
  3. Must lack the financial backing to pay for their Dentistry.
  4. Share with others how the Dental Problems have affected them in a very negative way.
  5. How the Dental Makeover has created new opportunity for their future.

Unfortunately if you are already a patient of my practice, you are not a candidate but I want you to help me find this very deserving person.  You don’t even need to know them that well.  Maybe it’s a Veteran that served our country and never received the care they need.  Maybe it’s a Mother of 4 that has worked so hard doing more for others and always put herself last and now it’s too late.

Deadline for nominations is Sunday, September 30th. We will choose the three best candidates and meet them and the person that submitted the essay for a personal discussion.  We will then inform the winner of the Gift they will be receiving.  We will not be charging this person for their Dental Care.

You may ask why we are doing this.  We want to help someone that can’t help themselves.  We also want to let others know that there are solutions to problems that can change lives. Please send your essays and or video testimonials to info@drgianio.com or mail them to us at 40 Mass Ave. We look forward to getting to know and read about the candidates and hope you are as excited about this amazing process as my team and myself are!

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