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Review the information about the Quality Dental Plan below and don’t hesitate to call us at 978-342-8686 with any questions!

Do you keep putting off your dentist visits because you have no dental insurance?

Most people when asked if they want to save their teeth for the rest of their lives will reply “yes!” There is now overwhelming evidence that supports the benefits of keeping ones teeth for a lifetime vs losing teeth and dealing with Dentures and Partials. There are numerous studies that have shown that people that keep their teeth live an average of 10 years longer. So, as a Dentist I have devoted my efforts to helping people live longer, healthier and ultimately happier lives.

Quality Dental Plan


Here is a list of the many benefits of using our In Office Dental Health savings plan:

  • No yearly maximum coverage
  • No more Deductibles to keep track of
  • No waiting periods to start treatment for you and your family
  • No “missing tooth clauses” that rule out replacing missing teeth
  • No more third-party decision makers interfering with your Dental health
  • No more having to avoid the Dentist until something is hurting you because of no Insurance
  • Quality Dental Plan is an organization that helps us to implement and monitor this new and exciting program into our practice. My team and I are very excited to be able to offer an options for all those individuals that have no Dental Insurance but want to help themselves get healthy again.

Who is Eligible for this Plan?

Any Patient either existing or new to our practice and does NOT have access to any DENTAL INSURANCE BENEFIT PLANS are eligible. This Dental Health Savings Plan is NOT Dental Insurance, and is not to be combined with any other offer or savings plan or Dental Insurance. Third party financing companies will affect the % of savings you will receive. All Dental Health programs are designed to help you achieve a state of true Dental Health!

What Does it Cost Annualy to Participate in the Plan?

There is an annual membership fee that is based upon the number of Family members.

Example: an individual will pay $399. Each additional member add $349 per member.  All preventative services are free!  Take Home Tooth Whitening kits (19 y.o and over)This list includes The New Patient Exam, all necessary digital x-rays, Digital Photos, Topical Fluoride Application (2X year), Preventative Cleanings(No evidence of disease 2X year) & Emergency Exam with X-Ray.

So for an individual adult that receives two preventative cleanings, two periodic exams and one time per year screening x-rays would pay $996. This is a 20% savings!  These savings go up substantially with additional family members.

What Other Savings Does the In House Savings Plan Offer?

This Quality Dental Plan is the missing piece of the puzzle to help people afford the Dental Care they know they need and deserve.

A 15% savings will be automatically adjusted off of our full fees for service. Payment in full for services is required PRIOR to receiving care. Again, this is not a Dental Insurance Plan and can NOT be combined with other savings plans or Dental Insurance plans.

We understand that investments in Dental Health can at times become expensive. If you require outside financing to fit your budget, your % of savings may go down. This is all evaluated on an individual basis.

So if you or any of your loved ones have been postponing a visit to the Dentist due to lack of Dental Insurance… here is your answer.

Contact our office at 978-342-8686 and speak with Tia or Nikki to find out more of the new program. Be patient with us, we have just initiated the process, but there is no reason to wait to sign up for your NEW PATIENT APPOINTMENT! We look so forward to meeting you.

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