Trauma to Mouth

If you or a loved one experience a traumatic injury to your face, teeth, or head region seek emergency care at your local EMERGENCY ROOM immediately!

If the injuries do not appear to be severe or life threatening, we are here to help! Dr Gianino can help you or your family member heal both physically and emotionally from your traumatic injury.

Common injuries include but are not limited to: Broken tooth from sudden impact; laceration to lip or cheek; automobile accident etc.  Dr Gianino will examine, diagnose and discuss your treatment options to get back to health!

If this occurs after hours and you are a known patient of our practice, call the Dr’s cell phone at 978-855-2569 and leave a message.  If you are not a patient of our practice yet, please feel free to call and Dr Gianino will help you to determine the correct solution to your problem.

Call our Dental Office with the following Dental Emergencies

  • Trauma to face mouth or chin causing tooth damage
  • Dental abscess, selling or severe sudden pain
  • Broken tooth, sharp tooth, lost filling causing pain
  • Lost crown or Bridge
  • If you think it is a Dental Emergency… it is a Dental Emergency!!

Call Tia today to schedule your emergency dental care at 978-342-8686

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