Teeth are very important for proper eating, digestion and speech. Cavities are holes in your teeth caused by bacteria that have not been properly removed. When a cavity is left untreated it begins to go deeper into the tooth structure affecting more of a tooth’s surfaces and sometimes affecting the nerve of the tooth.

Once the nerve is affected you may now begin to develop a tooth ache due to dental infection which may require a root canal. Early stage cavities can be repaired through a simple tooth colored composite fillings. The more advanced the cavity is the more extensive the repair is.

Once too much tooth structure is lost the repair process requires porcelain onlays, gold onlays and porcelain crowns. In the event the cavity has advanced past the stage of saving the tooth; implants are an excellent option for tooth replacement.

Benefits of Fixing Cavities Early

  • Prevents tooth aches
  • Prevents dental infection
  • Saves you money
  • Decreases the chance of needing root canals
  • Decrease the chance of needing crowns
  • Decreases the chance of needing more advanced dental care

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